Imagine that it is Christmas morning.  You are eagerly anticipating your children’s (grandchildren’s, nieces’ and nephews’) reactions to the gifts that you have carefully selected just for them.  They open their gifts, but instead of gleefully enjoying them, they talk about the gifts they didn’t receive, or they eye their siblings’ gifts, or they complain that their gifts are too difficult to use.  How would you feel at the moment?

Imagine how God must feel when we, his children, settle for mediocre lives or unhappy choices when he has provided us with carefully selected gifts designed to create full, loving lives.  Instead of thanking him, we ignore or reject those gifts.  We accept the choices that we believe our society will endorse, or that will be easy or financially rewarding, rather than taking the leap of faith and undertaking the work needed to fully live into our God-given gifts.

It is not too late to embrace the gifts that we’ve received.  Fall is a great time for new beginnings.  What will you make time to embrace?  Daily prayer?  Bible study? Journaling?  God is always ready to support us in our exploration of His gifts and plans for our lives.

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