This fall, Cindy and I led a class on writing faith journals.  Deepening your relationship with God is a great reason to keep a journal.  There are many ways to use a journal to enhance your faith journey.

Gratitude journals help you to focus on the many gifts that you receive each day.  Prayer journals provide a means for enriching your prayer life and enable you to see ways that God responds to your prayers over time.  You can also write about blessings that you’ve received, and how those blessings have encouraged you and empowered you to bless others.

Using a journal can also enhance your Bible study.   Pick a passage from Scripture and write your reflections on that passage.  Select passages that relate to a theme and write your thoughts or questions for God on that theme.

Images may provide inspiration for your journal writing.  Contemplating photographs, paintings and illustrations can spark feelings and memories that reveal God’s hand in your life and the world.

Make your journal writing time special.  Pick a favorite chair, an inviting journal and a good pen.  Whether you prefer to write in the morning, evening or middle of the day, make it a valuable time to spend with God.