Sample Programs

We are happy to tailor a program to meet your group or church’s needs.  Program length is flexible.  You may also select a program from these offerings.

Discovering True Treasure:  A Women’s Retreat/Workshop
This interactive workshop invites women to focus on the gifts of the Spirit.  How can we, as Christian women, allow the Holy Spirit to work in our lives in order to reject fear, love one another and rejoice in God’s abundant gifts?  Together, we explore the “True Treasure” of an abundant life in Christ.

Meeting Jesus in the Kitchen:  A Workshop/Retreat for Women
The routine activities of our daily lives can be viewed as acts of faith and opportunities for worship.  Christ is ever present – in our kitchens, dining rooms and carpool lines.  Are we open to encountering him?  We will discuss Biblical stories, contemporary books, and our own experiences and attitudes to identify ways to embrace even routine household tasks and everyday meals as holy, nurturing practices.

Letters to my Children and Grandchildren:  A Workshop for Parents, Grandparents, and Others Wishing to Share Their Faith Journey
One of the most powerful gifts you can give your grandchildren (and your children, nieces and nephews) is a taste of the lessons and joys you have experienced during your spiritual journey.  As you craft letters that address such topics as prayer, embracing the gifts of the Spirit, servant leadership, and recognizing God’s love, you create a valuable legacy of faith for your family.

Faith Journaling:  A Class for Ages 18-81
Stories are important for each person’s faith journey.  During this class, we will discuss ways to explore and express our faith by writing about the events, lessons and stories that have shaped our lives and faith.  Writing prompts and group activities will help you begin or deepen your writing practice.

Dancing in the Desert: A Spiritual Renewal Series
In this hectic world, you may feel that your spirit is a dry desert needing refreshment and renewal.  We will explore the concept “dry bones” in our culture and ways we can live into Ezekiel’s vision of connection and vitality through a relationship with God.

Connecting with Creation:  A Class That Explores our Relationship with Nature, Food, and God’s Creatures (including humans)
Beginning with Adam and Eve, God has called his people to be faithful stewards of his Creation.  How may we hear and heed that call in our own lives today?