Take a Taste of Exploring

Many of our workshops include opportunities for journaling, creating collages, or otherwise exploring your God-given creative gifts.

Here are two samples of such activities.  Enjoy!

Twitter Your Faith

Decades ago, when you had to send an urgent message, you used a telegram. Now, when you have an important message, you can tweet it in 144 characters or less.

Write a tweet that shares a succinct lesson of faith with someone important to you (like a spouse, close friend or child).

Do not live in fear.  Trust in the Lord.  Embrace the gifts of the Spirit and choose to live a life of hope, love and service.

Claim Your Joy

Divide a sheet of paper into two columns.  In the first column, list three to five things that you need in order to feel happy and satisfied.  This list may include things you currently have and things that you do not currently have.

In the second column, list three to five things that are currently in your life for which you are grateful.

Now, compare the lists.  Does your second list inspire you to look at your first list in a new way, or even revise your first list?  Many times, we don’t realize all that we already have.  Literally counting our blessings can be a first step to a more joyful life.