People are talking about Explore True Treasure programs.

“The course was really well received by the Adventures in Learning participants who took it. The instructors were enthusiastic, professional, and well qualified to teach the course. The students enjoyed it.”

Commenting on the Letters to My Grandchildren course presented at the Center.

Karen Eckert

Program Director, The Shepherd’s Center of Charlotte

“Letters to My Grandchildren was an outstanding class. The two, very qualified instructors were motivating, well-informed and very intentional.”

Letters to My Grandchildren course participant.

Helen Nachenberg

Charlotte, NC

“Dorothy and Cindy facilitate faith discussions that are always open and honest, and often humorous, focusing on meaningful and recurring themes in our relationship with God and each other.”

Rita Leonard

Small group participant, Charlotte

“Thank you for leading our parish in our Kanuga parish weekend. It was wonderful to have a well-developed program. It was also a blessing for someone else to lead it! You did a great job helping all of us to appreciate the “treasures” in our lives. I really appreciate your leadership of the Saturday morning workshop. You were able to offer a variety of ways for people to express their prayers of gratitude. This is helpful since we don’t all express ourselves in the same way.”

Sally Franklin

Rector, St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Ft. Mill, SC

“I feel that I am leaving today to find my true treasure, so that my treasure box is full of His joy, grace and peace.”

“I experienced a reconnection, a reminder that God is powerful and steadfast. And that gave me a sense of peace, joy and grace.”